I think I want to start making done lists instead of to-do lists. I really hope that doesn’t mean that I just won’t do anything to begin with, but I’m tired of this constant fear that I’m going to skip something I know I should do. If I forget, that’s one thing, but I KNOW I’m not going to “forget” to do a massive pile of laundry that is getting in the way of my ability to make informed fashion decisions. I’m not going to forget to go on a run, or forget to eat healthy or drink enough water, and I am definitely not going to forget to write. I might remember to play a computer game instead, or take a nap, or zone out to social media. The things we might forget to do are never the things we list out. We might forget to feed the cat (though she’ll remind us), or forget the name of an acquaintance, or forget to pick up our brother from the air-port, which maybe warrants setting an alarm for, but this is not the stuff of lists.

Go on a run DONE

Drink water 1/4 DONE

Write something DONE

Laundry… I’m getting off my computer like right now to do that.


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