Today I am going to begin brainstorming the things I actually love, and attempt to separate them from what I wish I loved. I wish I loved roughly-hewn wooden things, I wish I loved curling my hair every morning, cozy sweaters and travel blogging. I wish I loved running and baking and attending slam poetry. I wish I loved to salsa dance, gardening, fur coats and antiquing.

I actually love to have a Chardonnay bath, really busy patterns and pretending that I’m not cold. I love my cat, macaroons and facts. I love to go crabbing, and to draw. I love weird things, irony and round shapes. I love to dream, eat, dance at the club and social media. I love going to the zoo, treasure hunting on the beach, and taking pictures. I love to learn the most, more than everything. And that’s about it.

I wish I loved making my own juice, being a vegetarian and biking. I wish I loved moments alone, knitting and painting. I wish I loved the color blue and hiking, and boys with beards. I wish I loved herbology and self-help and wellness.

I wish I loved music and weed and craft-beer. I wish I loved comfy clothes, sci-fi and gaming. I wish I loved cereal milk, scarves and communication.

I wish I wasn’t so selfish.


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